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Hi Ya´ll. Or should I say Bueno Dias. This this is my first time with this forum. I can easily say fishing is much more fun. :-) It was a delight to stumble onto this site after googling ¨Panama Fishing¨yesterday. Mostly due to $$$ or lack there of, I have not been blessed with any fishing time since my moving to Panama. My wife and I first settled in her home town of Colon. Then I had to return to Florida for medical reasons. We moved from Colon to Las Cumbres and have lived here for approx. 1.5 years. The owner of the home we are renting has decided to sell. Since we can not, at this time, afford to buy we have to move again. I am hoping to find a rental we can somewhere in ot near Chame. That will put me closer to the Pacific….AND FISHING !!! :-) At last !!!! Lord knows I have explored almost all I can of Panama fishing on the internet. Fresh water, Salt water, Really doesn´t matter. Water is water …fish are fish. I very much like eating fish but prefer the catch and release method. The bigger they are the more I am apt to put them back in their home. I have not bought a freezer yet so why take them to my home. One meal after a days´fishing and I´m happier then a pig in poop.

Before Panama I lived for about 38 years all over Florida. I have fished many different waterways there. Frome the Everglades to the swamps, lakes and canals of north Florida. Since my home, for over 20 years was Putnam County Florida. (30 miles from the Atlantic) I have done much beach fishing. I also enjoyed hour upon hour of fishing the St. Johns River and it´s conecting waterways and lakes. The town I lived in, for much of that time,hosted almost yearly national bass tournaments. I found them fun to follow on TV and Radio but I never did join in. I have alway hung to the cliche that ¨the object of fishing is not always to catch fish¨. My biggest shortfall in fishing knowledge is Deep Sea fishing. Again…I blame this shortfall on the lack of funds. I hope to correct this soon after our next move. Heck, let´s face it. It´s cheaper in Panama. :-) This website´s tips on lures to use is a great start for me. I am already planning my next trip to Abernathy in Panama. Before I found this site the only definite purchase on my shopping list was a good size tackle box. Now I have added (1) No paint cedar plug and (1) red and white rapala magnam, (1) purple plug and a bunch more bait hooks (for shore fishing). On my first trip to Abenathy I had already bought a standard 6 inch black/gray Rapala. They have always been good to me.

If anyone out there has any more pointers about sea fishing Panama, I would welcome the advise. Be it shore fishing or boat fishing, I´m a sponge for knowldge. And once I´m settled in to, (I hope) the Chame area, Maybe we could hook-up and head out on the deep blue sea.

And also, I agree, ¨AWESOME SITE¨Bret¨

Later and again Thanks

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Awesome site Brett!!!!!

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Just a quick welcome to everyone who has taken interest in our website. The purpose of this site is to bring together, under one roof, everything to do with fishing in Panama whether it's salt water, fresh water, live baits, fly fishing, recipes, gear, boats, etc etc etc. We first lauched our site on February 3, 2010 and at the request of many we've recently added this Forum.

Now, let's here what you the reader has to say!!

Brett M Cool

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